About Us Natives

                 Us Natives [not U.S.] was created as a production duo, consisting of Ill Clinton and John E Cab, “We wanted to create music for ourselves. We didn’t want to cater to what was being dictated to Us as “Popular” or feel we had to create beats only for rap artists.” Us, as in We, you and I, Native to the culture of hip hop and the sub genres that allow each and every one of Us to create the sounds we choose. Since 2012 Us Natives have produced tracks for multiple credited artists and released various instrumental products.



                The goal of Us Natives Records is to give artists the chance to be heard. Developing a roster of artists who want to be part of our movement and understand our vision. Quality music combined with quality packaging is important to Us. Providing fans and artists alike with a personal touch to each release, is what we stand for. We support beat culture and the innovative artists and labels that strive to do things differently. Thank you to everyone who has shown support and the labels out there that inspire Us.



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