Us Natives Radio is HERE

So after multiple failed attempts to link up with some of the more “popular” internet radio stations, we have decided to put together our own instrumental mixes on our own soundcloud. The first installment is from ILL CLINTON. Check it out and share it with a friend. Also, never let anyone else dictate what you can or can not do. Us means We, and were in this for YOU. PEACE.

These will be on a bi-weekly basis, Next up on September 3rd will be none other than John E Cab himself.

Peep the tracklist and click that link! ENJOY.

1.Us Natives- A Legacy
2.John E Cab- Who Knows
3.Dr. Quandary- The Palm and The Fingers
4.Apollo Brown- The 11th Hour
5.Handbook- One Foot Out The Door
6.Jenova 7- Suspended in Memory
8.mikedecline- Hash Astro
9.ILL CLINTON- Manic Depression
10.Nom.De.Plume- NNNom
11.Us Natives- Flashback
12.Harris Cole- Mistakes/Regret/Forgiveness
13.Mr.KiD- Dance With Me
14.Planet Ragtime- Lets Dig It
15.THEGNTLMN- Ohayou Gozaimasu
16.Schadillac- Drug Trade
17.Us Natives- Flowing
18.Shade Cobain- Suns Signature
19.Fying Lotus- Another night on the roof
20.J Dilla- Fly


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