Us Natives Presents…The Great Conjunction [compilation]

The Great Conjunction. Only The Beginning.

This album is a compilation of many talented individuals. All the beats on this album were selected because they fit the vibe we had set out to create. We want to thank everyone involved with this album for being a part of our cause. Please take time to check out each and every on this album individually. Peace to Blvnt Records, Push Beats, Filthybroke Records, Cold Busted, IHAA, ELLT, Peace Tapes, Always Proper, Snowfall Tapes, Indelible Niche Collective, Scenic Rhythms and all the other dope labels out there i might have forgotten. Thanks for inspiring Us.


released 04 November 2014

Our main objective when starting Us Natives as a label was to provide artists with opportunity to be heard. Dont hesitate to check them out below.

Howie Wonder –
Dr. Quandary –
Uncle EL –
ill Clinton –
L A N Z O –
Dr. Dundiff –
John E Cab –
LoFidel –
Saint James –
LoopMaffia –
Morbidly-O-Beats –
Spellwrks –
SoulChief. –
Dumhi –
Nex Millen –
Furozh Peace –
Dante CK –
Evolv –


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